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                                      About Us
                                      Your location:Home - About Us

                                        Ange Okiyoshi Bamboo & Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. is a set R & D, production and sales of logs CNC sawing machine series equipment, bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture board and various kinds of bamboo products, arts and crafts manufacturers. Ange Okiyoshi Bamboo & Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the famous "China's first ecological county", "Chinese bamboo" - Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

                                       The main products are: innovative patented products; send material machine series CNC woodworking band saw. Bamboo flooring bamboo flooring complete sets of equipment, complete sets of equipment, bamboo mat, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo equipment.

                                       The factory has specialized in bamboo and wood machinery research and development for more than twenty years manufacturing engineers and team, and has a large and advanced imported machine tool equipment, through the improvement of production technology, advanced detection technology, perfect after-sales service to domestic and foreign customers provide quality products. We always adhere to the "quality and development, to serve the market", the integrity of the business, and customers for long-term contact and cooperation.

                                       Our aim is: integrity, so that customer satisfaction!

                                       Our attitude is: to refuse to mediocrity, we only do fine, beyond others, more than himself!

                                       We have the world, not limited, do not indulge, determined to do better!

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